Friday, October 23, 2009

On Vacay, band tight on plane...weird!!

My friend and I left today for a few days away in NC! We flew out of Palm Beach and arrived in Charlotte this afternoon. We also have her 11 month old baby with us. Traveling with an infant can be challenging, but she was so good.

We are just going to relax and enjoy the beautiful fall leaves. We are staying at her parents house and it is amazingly beautiful!!

So I have always heard of the band being tighter on an airplane, but I wasn't sure if it was an individual thing or something that happens to everyone....well, it happened to me. I could feel the band get tighter and then could feel way more restriction on liquid during the flight.

Tonight at dinner I got stuck. It hurt! I got up and moved a little and it felt better, but for me it is true that the band gets tighter when flying!

So, I am scheduled for a fill the day after I get back. I wonder how this will affect things??

I am just going to try to relaxxx, enjoy my vacay, eat well and have fun!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hungry Day today, but Good News!!

Well, today was a hungry day for me. I have been really good about just dealing with my hunger and drinking alot of water and it usually not so much!! I was hungry all day...I didn't eat badly, but I was hungry and craving food all day. I had a super stressful day at work with deadlines and that used to drive me straight to candy and snack food. I avoided it today, but I wanted it!!

Good News:

I hurt my elbow a few days, I know what you are the hell is that good news??

Well, I guess I did it playing Wii fit or something and yesterday I finally broke down and went to the Urgent Care Clinic after work. I was telling the nurse that I had lap band and he was taking my vitals etc...He asked what I weighed and I told him what I thought...he said "do you wanna check" I sais "sure"...I got on the scale and I was down 4lbs since my fill!! 4lbs and I really haven't felt that restriction yet!!

I am sooooo excited!!

That brings my total to close to 25lbs!!

My dog weighs 25lbs...I mean he is super cute and all, but I don't want to carry him around all day!!

XOXOXO - Robyn

Random Side Note: Grad school Application is finally submitted. Committee meets on Friday for acceptance. Keep your fingers crossed!! I'll let everyone know either way!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Support Group and Some Random thoughts!

Tonight was support group at the hospital where I had surgery. I did not know what to, off I went thinking that there would be maybe 10-15 people there.....oh no....there were about 50 people!

It is run by the psychologist and nurse manager at JFK bariatric (my surgeon's office). It was really good.....there were people there from pre-surgery to 2 years post-op and most of the time was an open forum!

One girl (about 24) was talking about the negative comments some of her "friends" have made about her taking the easy way out....she said she no longer has them as friends. She was upset and said that she is 1000 miles away from home and going through this alone while at college....this really made me think about all of the support that I have had!

My best friends call everyday to check on me and my DH has been great! Everyone (although not many) at work has been so supportive and I have not heard one negative comment recently!

We all know how the gossip mill works so I am sure there has been some talk, but I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!

Another lady was talking about how she was banded 10 months ago and has only lost a few pounds, but she can barely eat...blah, blah, blah.....a few minutes later she was saying how she eats with a tiny spoon and that eats lots of deserts....ok, maybe thats a part of the reason you have not lost....just a thought!!

Leaving for NC in 3 days!! Pretty excited and pretty ok with what I am eating! I think I am losing, but don't record my weight everyday. I am trying for once a week!

Good news is that someone at work noticed today! They did not know that I had surgery and they said..."you look like you are losing weight...are you ok??"
Since when did being fat = being ok?? Ha...they were trying to be nice so I forgive them!!

Oh, went to see Where The Wild Things Are and I was highly dissappointed! It was nothing like the book....although, I was not sure how you can turn a 7 sentence book into a 2 hour movie, but they tried (at least they think they did).


I am going back to finish my MASTERS DEGREE!! GOOOO MEEEEE!!!
I am starting back in January at Florida State University (Sorry Kristin....GO GATORS!! :) XOXOXO)

This is what my degree will be in:

Instructional Systems (major in Performance Improvement and Human Resource Development)Master of Science!! MY boss said today "with a title like that it better be a BIG diploma"........I agree!!

So, there are all the happenings in my life in a nutshell!!

XOXOXO and Welcome to all of my new followers!! I love you guys and your blogs!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

My First Fill and my first stuck...WEIRD!

Well, my first fill was an experience and a half!!!

I went to my Dr. office for my fill yesterday. I went and got weighed. I only lost one lb since my first post op biggie to me I knew I needed a fill. Good news...I have lost 18 total!!

Well the Dr. came in to do my fill and easilly accessed my port. No pain at all! I could feel the fluid going into my band...It didn't hurt at all it was just a weird feeling.

He put in 7cc, because he said that 3 remain in the port/tubing?? He left the room and I was in the room with the nurse (I ♥ her). She told me to drink a cup of water.

1 sip into the water and it got stuck. It hurt...water hurt!! She looked at me and said...are you ok and I just starred at her blankly....she gave me a plastic tub and I slimed and threw up the water. I couldn't even swallow my spit. She went to get the Dr. and he came in to remove some fluid. Again no pain at all accessing my port!!

Ok...maybe someone can answer this, but when he went in he wanted to retrieve fluid from my band....he only got out 4cc??? he put in 7cc's?? how is this possible? Is it because 2-3 remain in port/tubing?

From the 4cc's that he pulled out he put 2cc's back in. so my first fill was 5cc's with 3 in the port/tubing so 2 in my band?? confused!!

I was able to drink and finish the cup of water!! So home I went...well, off to my crazy world of work!

I stayed on liquids yesterday and today moved to mushies....I have no restriction!

How can I go from completely being blocked from swallowing being able to eat 2 egg whites and grits for breakfast and cup of chili for lunch??

Can 2cc's really make that big of a difference??

I am a little frustrated, but I know that this is a process and it may take a few fills and that it is an ongoing thing! I am trying to eat healthy and stick to around 1200 calories a day, but I am not really losing. you would think that just the reduction in calories alone would make me lose weight....not to mention the addition of exercise etc....

I know I will be successful because I know what I need to do!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bandster Hell, Bitch on Wheels and GUMBY!!

That about sums up my day today!!

I am in full fledged bandster restriction! I was talking to my nurse because I have one stubborn incision that wont close and (on another note) she said....."you feel like you didn't even have surgery right?"............this about sums it up!

My first fill is Thursday at 8:30am!! YAY!! I am so excited...not expecting much restriction, but hopefully a little!!

Anyway, I have been such a biatch lately....I am not sure why and this is really not my nature.....(don't ask my husband or staff that question......please...I am under the assumption of if it is not spoken it is not true!!). My explanation for my bitchy attitude is that I'm hungry and trying to really limit my food intake as to not gain during bandster hell! I like my sounds good to me!!

I have been walking every night; even if it is just a quick stroll with my pups! They are loving the extra attention and my Cavalier Zoe has even lost about a pound!!

My mom's dog (Logan) My Cocker (Bobo) My Cavalier (Zoe)

Ok so today work was insane....I work at the YMCA and we have a group that comes in with handicapped individuals so they can play basketball etc...All of them have been so great and sweet and funny......UNTIL TODAY!!!!!

Well, I was in a colleagues office and in strolls a guy about 45 years old...he immediately starts taking things off her book shelf and putting them in his pockets....She says to him "I'm sorry sir those are for a reading program and tries to get him out the door. He leaves with alot of hesitation, some good loot, and some guidance from his aide.

We continue our meeting and about 5 minutes later there is a knock at her back door (leading to the ladies locker room). I figured it was another Director or housekeeping etc....Well, I jump up to answer and this guy starts growling (literally growling) and pushing his way through the door screaming "gumby" at the top of his lungs. I am trying to hold the door shut along with one of my assistants...this guy is so strong. His aide comes running and jumps on his back and he is still fighting to get in the door. My colleague had left the office through the front doorto get help.

I tell him to come around to the front door (which is locked) he falls for this!! Well, not thinking that he would be even more angry when he gets to the front door (DUH!!)....he begins to try to bang down the door (glass) still screaming gumby!! I am shaking at this point trapped in this small office with my assistant!

His aide finally leads him away and my colleague had left earlier to get help still did not return. I feel it is ok to leave at this point and I see the guy (John) and his aide at the end of the long hallway (I was going to write an incident report and get names etc...).....His aide tells him to apologize...he screams "gumby" at me and then takes off running to the office to "get gumby"!

OK let's talk about STRESS frist thing in the morning!! LOVELY!!

Well, tomorrow is another day at the wonderful world of the YMCA!!

I am READY!!

XOXOXO Robyn aka Pookie!!

Welcome to all of my new followers!! I ♥ my followers!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Happenings in my life!

Hi everyone!! It has been a few days since my last post....geez..that sounded like a confession...haha!!

I am doing ok since surgery 2 weeks ago! I have absolutely no restriction, but I do have my fill in less than one week!! YAY!! Have not lost anything since my follow-up on Monday...I'm ok with that for now :)

One of my incisions(a small on) about 1/4 inch long, is not closing properly. The glue came off and the incision is just kinda

Well...I am a little squeamish and freaked a little. It isn't very deep, but made me crazy. My BF told me to go to Walgreens and get steri strips. I did. Cleaned the area and applied a steri worked great! Gonna call Dr. tomorrow just to check in and let them know what I did, but there is no redness I think I am ok!!

On a food was a bad day (a REALLY bad day) hungry and just never felt satisfied. I didn't eat that horribly, but I couldn't stop thinking about snacking. I KNOW it was head hunger because of the type of day I was having. I need to find a way to deal with my head hunger in stressful situations at work when I used to snack.....any suggestions??

Did not walk last night or tonight...had been walking 2 miles a night....getting back to this tomorrow.

I think my DH and I are going to go to my mom's for the weekend!! She lives on the beach in St. Augustine so it is like a mini vacay....lots of walking for me this weekend!! This is outside her back door!! Not my picture, but basically her view!!

I leave for my vacation in North Carolina in two weeks and I am hoping to lose a bit more before going. We will see!!

That's all for now...I have been pretty boring lately!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

1st Follow-up Post-op!

Hi everyone! I had my first follow up with hot doc today!

Everything is going great and I lost 14.8 lbs since surgery!!! WOW!!!

He has instructed me to move very slowly into normal foods....I am only 2 weeks out....WOW!!
He does not want me eating any dry meats, but other than that I am free to try most anything!

He did schedule my first fill for October 15th (only 3 weks post-op!!).

I did beg him to schedule me early because I am going to be going on vacay and as of right now I have no restriction!

Every follow-up has a meeting with nutritionist and psychologist....they all went fine!

What do you guys eat once you have moved into normal foods? I am so confused at this point!
My nutritionist gave me a detailed list, but I am just not sure how to put it all together into meals etc...

Friday, October 2, 2009

I crossed that bridge...when I came to it!!

So I had a super horrible, terrible bad day!! My staff was annoying me to no end and it seemed like the seconds just stood still!
I even cried on the way home tonight (my job is super stressful). I haven't been sad or upset even 1 time since the surgery. Tonight I just kinda lost it. I was just upset over the day and all of the events of the day!

When I got home my DH was busy with something on the internet and he kinda ignored me and then I was even more upset...cried again....WTF??

I guess he realized that he was being a he came out and we had dinner! I had some sweet potato! He had a salad!

I have always talked about walking the Roosevelt Bridge (so pretty) is only 2 miles total, but the up slope is pretty steep. I never thought I could do it.

A few minutes later DH says, "lets go walk the Roosevelt...if we get tired we can just turn around and go's a beautiful night".
I say ...hmmmph...ok...hmmph...i guess...hmmmp...whatever....hmmmph...where are my shoes.....ugh....hmmmph!!!

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL ...............OK so tonight I waslked the Roosevelt bridge!


I was shocked...we walked up one side the incline seemed like it would never end and then we got to the other side and going down didn't seem too bad...then I realized DAMN...I have to turn around and do this again.

You know what...I did it AND I DIDN'T EVEN DIE!!!
I am in a much better mood now and feel GREAT about myself!!
So I guess tonight is an NSV for me too!!!

Oh and BTW...I am tight again after exercising (again)....really tight (swallowing water was hard for the initial 5-10 minutes after) Weird because a other times I hardly feel ANY restriction!

No plans for us this weekend, but I do plan on walking that bridge again!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

WARNING: Mild Work related vent within!! & UPDATE!!

So my work sucks right now! I am right in the middle of writing the 2010 budgets for 3 different departments...UGH this is what I get to come back to after having surgery...Oh joy!!
Not like I wasn't planning on happens the same time every just seems that I also forget what a royal pain the A$$ it is until this time of year rolls around again!!

Also, there is so much gossip going on at work about a "new position" (really a new old position)they are is driving me insane....just shut the f your jobs and don't worry about this person that doesn't exist yet!
OMG....are they going to be nice, mean...what if they hire a bitch..I hated the last one...what if this one is like her, what if it's a guy...OMG??!!!?? This is all I hear everytime I turn a corner!!

Sorry...just had to vent!!

Soooooo on to bigger and better things.....DAMN wait....I mean SMALLER and better things!!!

I am 8 days post op and feeling really great!! I walked on the treadmill tonight for a little over 30 minutes...I was exhausted though and I used to be able to go longer even before surgery....

Side note: I am so lucky to be a director at the YMCA beacuse we have a huge great gym at my disposal!!!

Hey?? does anyone know if you feel tighter after exercise?? I think I might...or at least today I think I did.....I was only able to eat a few spoonfuls at dinner and was def. able to eat more earlier! Just wondering.....oh the things we ponder when banded!! Gotta love it!!

So I am down 8lbs as of this AM!! This is huge beacuse when I got home from surgery I had gone up 10!! So now down that 10 plus 8 more!!
I know I'm amazing!! I tell my boss that all the time and his come back to me is ..."and humble too"! Ha!!

Tomorrow is my 1st followup appointment with my PCP. No real reason just wants to see me after surgery.
Monday I go to my surgeon. did I ever mention that he is hot?? Well hot damn he is! A little weird (in that I'm super smart kinda weird) but hot none the less!! My BFF was with me in pre-op and he walked in in his surgical gear and both of our mouths fell mom's too......wheewww!! He winked at my BFF too!! Gottla love that!!

Wow...I just realized how random and off topic my post has been tonight....I guess when I am so tired but wired....this is what happens!!

Thanks to all of my followers!! I ♥ ♥ ♥ you guys!!