Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am a Athletic Girl stuck (not for long) in a fat body!!

I have decided that I love working out!!

I have been working out every day for at least 2 miles on the treadmill and then doing the circut for another half hour or so. Doing a 5k in January so hoping to get my speed and endurance up by then!!

My surgeon's office is having a group of people walk/run at the breast cancer walk in January!! I am so excited and hopefully I will be able to finish the entire 5k!!

Update on me since surgery:

I have been doing great! I have lost a total of 37lbs since 9/23/09!!! I am going for my 3rd fill next Thursday! I have been stuck at my current weight for over a week even though I have increased my exercise a lot....

I am able to eat pretty much anything that I want at this point, but just smaller portions!

I have been so busy at work over the past few weeks and have not done an update recently...I can't wait for this 4 day weekend to be able to catch up on everyone and post a couple of times! I really miss reading all of your blogs!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fill # 2 and my recent crazy life!!

I was away for a while sooooo here is a little Me update!!
Fill number 2 was the day I got home from vacation from NC! NC was GREAT..the weather was cool and crisp and the leaves were amazing!

I went in for fill #2 and has lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. Dr. was not going to give me the fill, but he decided to after I told him how I had been eating. I was able to eat everything and had never gotten stuck. I got a 1.2cc fill. He pulled 1.6cc out and put in 1.2 more for a total fill of now....2.8! With some extra in the tubing and port.

This fill has been so weird though....The two days after liquids and then soft foods and then the third day I tried to eat and everything got stuck....EVERYTHING!! The next day and every day since then I feel like I have no restriction at all. Weird....

I called and they told me to give it a week and to come back in if I still feel like I have no restriction...ok whatever....will do!

Still trying to think of a name for my band......all suggestions welcome!!

My crazy life:

One of my best friends at work had her baby yesterday!!

Welcome to the world Hunter Emmett!!

My husband's uncle passed away :( So sorry honey! So glad you have amazing memories with him!!

Work has been crazy. We had our evaluations this week for 3 days all day........ the county coalition comes into the preschool to evaluate all of the classrooms and teachers!! We did GREAT though!! My staff was so nervous all week...they all try so hard when it is eval time

I am treating them all to a catered lunch next week!!
Thanks for reading about my craziness!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥