Monday, October 12, 2009

Bandster Hell, Bitch on Wheels and GUMBY!!

That about sums up my day today!!

I am in full fledged bandster restriction! I was talking to my nurse because I have one stubborn incision that wont close and (on another note) she said....."you feel like you didn't even have surgery right?"............this about sums it up!

My first fill is Thursday at 8:30am!! YAY!! I am so excited...not expecting much restriction, but hopefully a little!!

Anyway, I have been such a biatch lately....I am not sure why and this is really not my nature.....(don't ask my husband or staff that question......please...I am under the assumption of if it is not spoken it is not true!!). My explanation for my bitchy attitude is that I'm hungry and trying to really limit my food intake as to not gain during bandster hell! I like my sounds good to me!!

I have been walking every night; even if it is just a quick stroll with my pups! They are loving the extra attention and my Cavalier Zoe has even lost about a pound!!

My mom's dog (Logan) My Cocker (Bobo) My Cavalier (Zoe)

Ok so today work was insane....I work at the YMCA and we have a group that comes in with handicapped individuals so they can play basketball etc...All of them have been so great and sweet and funny......UNTIL TODAY!!!!!

Well, I was in a colleagues office and in strolls a guy about 45 years old...he immediately starts taking things off her book shelf and putting them in his pockets....She says to him "I'm sorry sir those are for a reading program and tries to get him out the door. He leaves with alot of hesitation, some good loot, and some guidance from his aide.

We continue our meeting and about 5 minutes later there is a knock at her back door (leading to the ladies locker room). I figured it was another Director or housekeeping etc....Well, I jump up to answer and this guy starts growling (literally growling) and pushing his way through the door screaming "gumby" at the top of his lungs. I am trying to hold the door shut along with one of my assistants...this guy is so strong. His aide comes running and jumps on his back and he is still fighting to get in the door. My colleague had left the office through the front doorto get help.

I tell him to come around to the front door (which is locked) he falls for this!! Well, not thinking that he would be even more angry when he gets to the front door (DUH!!)....he begins to try to bang down the door (glass) still screaming gumby!! I am shaking at this point trapped in this small office with my assistant!

His aide finally leads him away and my colleague had left earlier to get help still did not return. I feel it is ok to leave at this point and I see the guy (John) and his aide at the end of the long hallway (I was going to write an incident report and get names etc...).....His aide tells him to apologize...he screams "gumby" at me and then takes off running to the office to "get gumby"!

OK let's talk about STRESS frist thing in the morning!! LOVELY!!

Well, tomorrow is another day at the wonderful world of the YMCA!!

I am READY!!

XOXOXO Robyn aka Pookie!!

Welcome to all of my new followers!! I ♥ my followers!!!


Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I am definately trapped in bandster hell with you..grrrr!

Jody Ann said...

I would have to say that sounds like a pretty stressful day! I'm glad my days don't consist of that anymore. I used to work at a behavior center for developmentally disabled adults. I currently work in Human Resources, so I only have union reps yelling at me. I can deal with that.

I'm with you in Bandster Hell, it's horrible! I'm glad you are getting your first fill on Thursday. I hope it gives you some restriction. I won't get mine until the 26th of this month. Wishing you a stress-free and hungry-free day! :) Jody

Amy W. said...

hahahahahahahahahah! That is hilarious! In situations like those, I like to think of how being a little bit of the bigger side can be helpful. If you weighed 120, GumbyMan could have easily pushed the door open!

DawnB said...

And I thought I worked in a zoo! That was very funny - - - sorry your feeling biatchy!!!

P.S. Love your doggies!

Gen said...

Hope BH is about to come to an end for you...The Gumby thing sounds like something out of a movie. I had to laugh.

Kinzie said...

Raising my hand, I am in bandster hell too! But at least I didn't have a visit from the Gumby man.

ToomuchRN said...

HI Pookie MAybe your Banster hell will come to an end once ou get a fill. You should feel some restrictions, I hope. Are you doing our execise because you have to exercise. I hope your work days get better. By the way, I love your dogs they are cute. Until next time. Remember, Keep hope alive

Brooke said...

Okay, first the dogs- CUTENESS.

Now Gumby- WTF?

Now hell- hindsight being 20/20 and all, I do remember being wonky for most of the month of September mood wise. I felt like I was in permanent PMS mode. A Dr. friend said that since female fat stores and regulates hormones that with a sudden and large weight loss (like after pregnancy) women sometimes need time to normalize after that.

It totally made sense to me because my moodiness was very hormonal. I wanted to cry once about a segment on Entertainment Tonight about Dancing with the Stars!

First off, I don't have TV so I happened to be in a pub when I saw that segment (and pub crying is just wrong) and second if I did have TV I don't think I'd be a DWTS fan and third, I don't think DWTS is a crying kind of show.

So that's my way of saying you're doing great and a little biatchiness is part of the healing process!

Besides, your hungry! :-)

pookie said...

Thanks all made me feel better :)
I got my first fill
new post coming!!