Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Happenings in my life!

Hi everyone!! It has been a few days since my last post....geez..that sounded like a confession...haha!!

I am doing ok since surgery 2 weeks ago! I have absolutely no restriction, but I do have my fill in less than one week!! YAY!! Have not lost anything since my follow-up on Monday...I'm ok with that for now :)

One of my incisions(a small on) about 1/4 inch long, is not closing properly. The glue came off and the incision is just kinda

Well...I am a little squeamish and freaked a little. It isn't very deep, but made me crazy. My BF told me to go to Walgreens and get steri strips. I did. Cleaned the area and applied a steri worked great! Gonna call Dr. tomorrow just to check in and let them know what I did, but there is no redness I think I am ok!!

On a food was a bad day (a REALLY bad day) hungry and just never felt satisfied. I didn't eat that horribly, but I couldn't stop thinking about snacking. I KNOW it was head hunger because of the type of day I was having. I need to find a way to deal with my head hunger in stressful situations at work when I used to snack.....any suggestions??

Did not walk last night or tonight...had been walking 2 miles a night....getting back to this tomorrow.

I think my DH and I are going to go to my mom's for the weekend!! She lives on the beach in St. Augustine so it is like a mini vacay....lots of walking for me this weekend!! This is outside her back door!! Not my picture, but basically her view!!

I leave for my vacation in North Carolina in two weeks and I am hoping to lose a bit more before going. We will see!!

That's all for now...I have been pretty boring lately!!


Gen said...

First, I have to say, sooooo jealous about the beach!!! This is the one bad thing about living in Colo. Miss the beach!

DO NOT worry about the hunger right now. It is totally normal, and if you can be okay with not losing until your fill you will be better off. Of course, I had a hard time with this concept, but I wish I had just resolved not to gain during Bandster Hell. Would have made the whole thing easier.

Have a great weekend!

Brooke said...

You're going to have an awesome weekend from the looks of that picture.

I'm with Gen. Right now it's not about "perfect band eating". Experiment with foods, try to eat smaller portions but if you eff up, no worries because you don't have restriction and your human.

And since you can only play with food, establishing an exercise routine is a good way to get started on the journey.

So basically what I'm saying is that you are doing a GREAT job and completely rocking the recovery phase.

DawnB said...

I hope you have a great weekend! I love the beach - you are so lucky to have one in the family - LOL!

Tiffani said...

Ohhh that looks divine! ENJOY!

I am sorry to hear about that incision but glad you figured something out and got it taken care of :) Good thinking to check in with your doc just to be safe.

Enjoy your weekend, girly!!

Amy W. said...

I fall victim to head hunger at work when I am bored...and too bad for me...that is quite often. Sometimes drinking a big bottle of water least it delays it. At least 20 oz. OR, if I can make sure that I dont have anything around to eat...if it's not there...I can't eat it...OR, have some healthy, not as good, but still something to eat snacks around.

Kinzie said...

I am a little behind on reading my blogs, but glad I read yours and all the helpful comments cause I am in the same spot right now. NO restriction. I was nice to hear that food doesn't have to be perfect but step up the exercise. Will do! Enjoy your mini vaca.