Friday, October 2, 2009

I crossed that bridge...when I came to it!!

So I had a super horrible, terrible bad day!! My staff was annoying me to no end and it seemed like the seconds just stood still!
I even cried on the way home tonight (my job is super stressful). I haven't been sad or upset even 1 time since the surgery. Tonight I just kinda lost it. I was just upset over the day and all of the events of the day!

When I got home my DH was busy with something on the internet and he kinda ignored me and then I was even more upset...cried again....WTF??

I guess he realized that he was being a he came out and we had dinner! I had some sweet potato! He had a salad!

I have always talked about walking the Roosevelt Bridge (so pretty) is only 2 miles total, but the up slope is pretty steep. I never thought I could do it.

A few minutes later DH says, "lets go walk the Roosevelt...if we get tired we can just turn around and go's a beautiful night".
I say ...hmmmph...ok...hmmph...i guess...hmmmp...whatever....hmmmph...where are my shoes.....ugh....hmmmph!!!

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL ...............OK so tonight I waslked the Roosevelt bridge!


I was shocked...we walked up one side the incline seemed like it would never end and then we got to the other side and going down didn't seem too bad...then I realized DAMN...I have to turn around and do this again.

You know what...I did it AND I DIDN'T EVEN DIE!!!
I am in a much better mood now and feel GREAT about myself!!
So I guess tonight is an NSV for me too!!!

Oh and BTW...I am tight again after exercising (again)....really tight (swallowing water was hard for the initial 5-10 minutes after) Weird because a other times I hardly feel ANY restriction!

No plans for us this weekend, but I do plan on walking that bridge again!!!


Kinzie said...

I am so happy for you! I can't help but think about how I would have dealt with such a bad day in the past. You have made a huge step tonight (Well a lot of steps!).

stardustic said...

Great NSV! Congratulations! I am very tight after exercising as well and I also realized that I am tighter during the day time and less tight later in the day. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading your posts and do not let the people at work get to you. They are not worth it!

Linda said...

Good job on the walk! It's a beautiful bridge. They say that many people deal with stress through exercise and you just did. I need to learn to do that too (instead of turning to cookies).

Kathy said...

Hi Pookie,
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting too. I know you'll be glad you made this decision to have LapBand surgery. I am anxious to get back to losing with my band and having the weight fall off again. Good for you walking the bridge. That is a pretty long walk! I don't feel tight after exercise usually but in the mornings I do and if I get stressed out I do too. So try not to let work stress you out too much or you may be feeling pretty tight once you have a few fills under your belt.

Gen said...

Good for you! Getting some exercise to deal with stress is the BEST thing you could possibly do. Right on!

DawnB said...

Yeah Pookie! Way to turn your awful day around - I am happy for you!

Dee said...

Pookie, that was a wonderful save! kudos to DH as well, for encouraging you to do it instead of hiding by the computer again. You both did good!

jennyr1222 said...

So proud of you Pookie!!! What an amazing accomplishment and so hard to do after such a crap day. Awesome awesome job!