Friday, October 23, 2009

On Vacay, band tight on plane...weird!!

My friend and I left today for a few days away in NC! We flew out of Palm Beach and arrived in Charlotte this afternoon. We also have her 11 month old baby with us. Traveling with an infant can be challenging, but she was so good.

We are just going to relax and enjoy the beautiful fall leaves. We are staying at her parents house and it is amazingly beautiful!!

So I have always heard of the band being tighter on an airplane, but I wasn't sure if it was an individual thing or something that happens to everyone....well, it happened to me. I could feel the band get tighter and then could feel way more restriction on liquid during the flight.

Tonight at dinner I got stuck. It hurt! I got up and moved a little and it felt better, but for me it is true that the band gets tighter when flying!

So, I am scheduled for a fill the day after I get back. I wonder how this will affect things??

I am just going to try to relaxxx, enjoy my vacay, eat well and have fun!!



Jody Ann said...

I will need to pay attention next week when I'm flying to AZ. I am getting my fill 3 days before the trip so I hope it doesn't make it worse. I guess we'll see. Have a great time on your trip!