Friday, October 16, 2009

My First Fill and my first stuck...WEIRD!

Well, my first fill was an experience and a half!!!

I went to my Dr. office for my fill yesterday. I went and got weighed. I only lost one lb since my first post op biggie to me I knew I needed a fill. Good news...I have lost 18 total!!

Well the Dr. came in to do my fill and easilly accessed my port. No pain at all! I could feel the fluid going into my band...It didn't hurt at all it was just a weird feeling.

He put in 7cc, because he said that 3 remain in the port/tubing?? He left the room and I was in the room with the nurse (I ♥ her). She told me to drink a cup of water.

1 sip into the water and it got stuck. It hurt...water hurt!! She looked at me and said...are you ok and I just starred at her blankly....she gave me a plastic tub and I slimed and threw up the water. I couldn't even swallow my spit. She went to get the Dr. and he came in to remove some fluid. Again no pain at all accessing my port!!

Ok...maybe someone can answer this, but when he went in he wanted to retrieve fluid from my band....he only got out 4cc??? he put in 7cc's?? how is this possible? Is it because 2-3 remain in port/tubing?

From the 4cc's that he pulled out he put 2cc's back in. so my first fill was 5cc's with 3 in the port/tubing so 2 in my band?? confused!!

I was able to drink and finish the cup of water!! So home I went...well, off to my crazy world of work!

I stayed on liquids yesterday and today moved to mushies....I have no restriction!

How can I go from completely being blocked from swallowing being able to eat 2 egg whites and grits for breakfast and cup of chili for lunch??

Can 2cc's really make that big of a difference??

I am a little frustrated, but I know that this is a process and it may take a few fills and that it is an ongoing thing! I am trying to eat healthy and stick to around 1200 calories a day, but I am not really losing. you would think that just the reduction in calories alone would make me lose weight....not to mention the addition of exercise etc....

I know I will be successful because I know what I need to do!!


Nicole said...

my doc said that you always have fluid in your tubing usually 2-3 ccs. some docs prime the tubing during surgery (like mine did) and some don't.

so technically i already have 2-3 ccs in me, but none or very little of it is in the actual band.

going for my first fill in 2 weeks hope it is as painless as yours.

Kinzie said...

I love it when you said "this is a process". I have to remember that! I know you were hoping for more, but I bet you will feel full longer than you did before. Good luck and wish me luck for mine on WED.

Kathy said...

Well, first of all you aren't going to feel restriction with mushies. Slider foods go right thru the opening into your stomach. At least that is what I have found. That is why they have you eat protein first because solid protein fills you up right away. Hang in there, you'll be fine.

pookie said...

Nicole, glad your Dr. told ou the same thing! Good luck in 2 weeks!
Kinzie- You will do great!! Good luck on Wednesday!
Kathy-Thanks, I hope I will feel more with regular food!

Melly said...

What type and size band do you have? I'm assuming the larger because 7cc would be a huge fill in the 10 cc band!! I have the AP 10 cc band with a low profile port.

I think it's much better to go slow and steady with the fills rather than these huge ones. Whenever I see people with problems, it's usually the ones that get enormous fills.

My first fill was 4.5 cc in a 10 cc band. It caused me to swell so much that the tubing was pressing against the phrenic nerve and it was causing excruciating pain in my left shoulder for 2 weeks. I'm telling you I couldn't even lift my arm. Now, I only get 0.5cc to
1 cc fills but look at it this way I haven't had to deal with pain or PB'ing all the time =)I might be losing slower than others but it's worth it in the end.

I know it's frustrating not to have that restriction off the bat but just keep going for fills until you get there. I didn't feel restriction till 7.3 cc but I still lost weight by just watching my portions. Now, it's a lot easier that I have restriction!

You're gonna do great just remember it takes time! Oh and I know there is some fluid in the tubing but my doctor is actually able to extract everything he puts in. Did you ask your doctor about it? Mine always checks to make sure it's the same so that he's sure there is no leak.

Gen said...

Wow, that water test is nothing like mine was after my first fill. I basically gulped water down in 5 seconds, felt no different at all. That was with 4 ccs. I really need more!

My first fill did kick in a few days later...but only lasted a week.

Great job on the weight loss!

pookie said...

Melly-wow thanks for the info and for giving me so much info! I am happy with the smaller fill now that he took 2cc's out, but also can't wait for the restriction to come
I do have the APL 14cc band
Gen- yeah the water getting stuck was weird....NOTHING would go down...quite the weird feeling!!

Dinnerland said...

Love your confidence!!