Thursday, October 1, 2009

WARNING: Mild Work related vent within!! & UPDATE!!

So my work sucks right now! I am right in the middle of writing the 2010 budgets for 3 different departments...UGH this is what I get to come back to after having surgery...Oh joy!!
Not like I wasn't planning on happens the same time every just seems that I also forget what a royal pain the A$$ it is until this time of year rolls around again!!

Also, there is so much gossip going on at work about a "new position" (really a new old position)they are is driving me insane....just shut the f your jobs and don't worry about this person that doesn't exist yet!
OMG....are they going to be nice, mean...what if they hire a bitch..I hated the last one...what if this one is like her, what if it's a guy...OMG??!!!?? This is all I hear everytime I turn a corner!!

Sorry...just had to vent!!

Soooooo on to bigger and better things.....DAMN wait....I mean SMALLER and better things!!!

I am 8 days post op and feeling really great!! I walked on the treadmill tonight for a little over 30 minutes...I was exhausted though and I used to be able to go longer even before surgery....

Side note: I am so lucky to be a director at the YMCA beacuse we have a huge great gym at my disposal!!!

Hey?? does anyone know if you feel tighter after exercise?? I think I might...or at least today I think I did.....I was only able to eat a few spoonfuls at dinner and was def. able to eat more earlier! Just wondering.....oh the things we ponder when banded!! Gotta love it!!

So I am down 8lbs as of this AM!! This is huge beacuse when I got home from surgery I had gone up 10!! So now down that 10 plus 8 more!!
I know I'm amazing!! I tell my boss that all the time and his come back to me is ..."and humble too"! Ha!!

Tomorrow is my 1st followup appointment with my PCP. No real reason just wants to see me after surgery.
Monday I go to my surgeon. did I ever mention that he is hot?? Well hot damn he is! A little weird (in that I'm super smart kinda weird) but hot none the less!! My BFF was with me in pre-op and he walked in in his surgical gear and both of our mouths fell mom's too......wheewww!! He winked at my BFF too!! Gottla love that!!

Wow...I just realized how random and off topic my post has been tonight....I guess when I am so tired but wired....this is what happens!!

Thanks to all of my followers!! I ♥ ♥ ♥ you guys!!


Kristen said...

aww you work @ the Y? I go to the Y and love it!! We have a new one here, and its beautiful! Great job with everything, keep it up!

Linda said...

Sounds like you re doing well. Your comment about the surgeon made me think of my best friend who had a really hot surgeon take her appendix out. She called him Dr. Sexy - well when she was coming out of anesthesia she called him that to her Mom while he was around. We never know if he heard, but we kid her about it still.

Kristin said...

he winked at me...he really did! :)

pookie said...

Kristen- I do work at the y and love it for the most part!
Linda - Dr. Sexy was a good name for mine too!!
Oh and Kristin - you got a wink you lucky bitch!! Love you!!

A Nawlinz Lady said...

One the positive side, the very fact that your job is going to keep you so busy right now can be a good thing! Perhaps Keeping your mind busy with work will keep it off food. Especially if those crazy bandster hell feelings start;)

Gen said...

So you are down 18? That is great!

Sorry about work stress. Walking on the treadmill is an excellent thing to do, that should help with stress AND weight loss!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!