Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 days to go, GOSSIPPPP and random thoughts!

OMG OMG OMG!!! Two days to go until my surgery!!! My mom and my best friend are coming in to town Tuesday and my surgery is the first case on Wednesday morning!! My other best friend will also be coming to the hospital. So I will have hubby, 2 besties and my mommy!! Lots of support for my one night stay!! Wow!!

Me and Mommy!

Me and Hubby!

Can't Wait To Make Those My Before Pics!!


So...I had a plan not to tell anyone at plan did not work out so well. I am a Director of a large preschool at the local YMCA and in charge of membership. I have about 35 employees...well one of my lead teachers that regularly uses my computer for various things saw lap band talk on my screen and asked other employees if that is what I was doing. Well, the rumor mill spread from there. I called this employee in and told her that I knew that she knew, but it was a very private and personal thing and I wanted to be the one to tell others when I felt comfortable. Well, she was very happy for me and felt bad.

We shall see what the next two days hold at work for me. All I had told one of my bosses was that I was having a procedure questions asked, but I think I am going to tell him the truth tomorrow before the rumors get back to him. I really like him and he is really supportive!!

Random thoughts:

It is going to be weird not to have to shop at Lane Bryant anymore....have shopped there as long as I can remember!!
I wonder if my feet will get smaller??
The fitness director at my Y wants me to join the running club in is a 3 month club preparing you for a 5k (it is a run walk club)....seriously considering it!!

Well, that's about it or tonight! I am tired and my back hurts from cleaning all day...hey, I wonder if my back won't hurt as much?? Anyway, tomorrow should be interesting...


Gen said...

I can't believe you only have 2 more days! Exciting!

That sucks about the gossip. It sounds like it will be fine at work, but annoying to have to deal with it this way.

And, if you have looked at my blog at all, you know I am a huge fan of running....Everyone can do it. You can do it! I think that is a great goal, doing the 3 month training for a 5K. Go for it!

pookie said...

Awww Gen...thanks! I really want to run! It is actually something that I desire to do....I have just never been able to!
I think I will GO FOR IT!!!


Kinzie said...

I am excited for you and glad you have so much support around. You look a lot like your mom and she looks very proud!

pookie said...

Awww Kinzie...Thanks!!
My mom is the BEST!!!

Brooke said...

Ack- that really upset me, too that someone violated your privacy. Sounds like she meant well and no harm done, but it's you decision to disclose.

That's awesome that you have such a huge group for support, it was just me and DH in Mexico. You can get them all to the "bad gas go away back rub"!

What's your pre-op diet like? I had to do 2 weeks of liquids.

I'll check in again tomorrow!