Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sharing some inspirational songs!

My day is getting closer. Only three more days until I have my surgery on Wednesday. I am getting pretty nervous at this point. My pre-op diet is not a problem because I am so nervous I don't want to eat!!

I think this is the stage where you second guess yourself and your ability. So I spent some time today listening to some of my favorite inspirational music (at least it is to me).

Here are some of the songs that I find inspiring....I tried to add them as a playlist, but my little brain could not figure that out....maybe soon! I am still trying, but for you go:

One Moment In Time --------------------Whitney Houston
The Climb -----------------------------Miley Cyrus
If Everyone Cared ---------------------Nickelback
You Can Get It If You Really Want -----Jimmy Cliff
It's My Life --------------------------Bon Jovi
I Hope You Dance ----------------------Lee Ann Womack
I Believe I Can Fly -------------------R. Kelly
Hero ----------------------------------Mariah Carey
Hold On -------------------------------Good Charlotte
Angels Among Us -----------------------Alabama
When You Believe ----------------------Mariah and Whitney
Beautiful Day -------------------------U2
Jesus Take The Wheel ------------------Carrie Underwood
What I've Done ------------------------Linkin Park
I Can See Clearly Now -----------------Jimmy Cliff
We're Not Gonna Take It ---------------Twisted Sister
Live Like You Were Dying --------------Tim McGraw
Life's A Dance ------------------------John Michael Montgomery
100 Years------------------------------Five For Fighting
Good Ridance (Time of Your Life)------Green Day

One of my favorite songs EVAH!! INDEPENDENCE DAY - MARTIMA MCBRIDE!!
I hope that one person can find a song that they relate to from my list!! It is eclectic and covers lots of genres!! Have fun and maybe one day I can figure out that playlist!!


ThePoolGirl said...

My favs are an odd assortment too! Your list reminded me of some great songs. Though my surgery was cancelled, I did the pre-op prep and second-guessed and worried. But I knew it was the right thing...and it will be for you too! Just hang in there and try to mellow out with your tunes :)

pookie said...

Thanks!! I am trying...
Why were you cancelled?
BTW...your dog is adorable! I am a huge animal lover!!

Brooke said...

Hey Pookie, I just found your blog.

Nice to meet you :-)

Three days to surgery, OMG, so exciting. I love that you made a play list, that's an awesome idea.

You'll do great and if you have gas pain let the "gang" know, we're full of lots of good gas related tips :-0

pookie said...

hi brooke!

Thanks...I hope not to have gas pains, but i know most do! I am always up for some good tips!! Glad you found me!!

Kinzie said...

Hi Pookie, thanks for helping me find you. So cool that our surgeries are just days apart. You also are a Scorpio like me. We will definitely stay in touch. Hang in there, don't be too nervous. It's going to be easier than you think.

pookie said...

I am so glad you found me and we will def. keep in touch!!
I am trying not to be too nervous!!

DawnB said...

Thanks for sharing your list. I love "I Hope You Dance" I gave my DD a CD of that song and a little inspirational book that went with it for her high school graduation.

pookie said...

Thanks Dawn!! I love it too....and what a great gift!!