Sunday, September 27, 2009

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs...

I went with my hubby tonight to pick up some Chinese soup for dinner and as we were driving down US1 I began to notice all of the fast food restaurants with at least 4-5 cars at each window. This should not be surprising to me at all because a few months/weeks ago that was me sitting in the drive through. What it made me think about (surprisingly was not food or hunger), but I actually felt sorry for those people sitting in the drive throughs.

Am I trying to say I will never eat fast food again....NO, but will I ever be a junkie like I was before....HELL NO!!

I felt sorry for the fat person ordering a double cheeseburger or a large milkshake (not realizing what it is doing to their health or realizing and not having the courage or means to get help). I felt bad for the kids that are only used to eating fast food....I just felt bad. So Sad!

This feeling surprised me....I thought I would be salivating....maybe because I am still sore, full from drinking even a sip of water, or scared, but I really had no desire for any of that food!! Let's hope that feeling lasts!

Now Post op- day 4 update!!

I am doing really well. I think I am back down to my pre surgery weight or close! Remember...I gained 10lbs during surgery (water and swellling I'm sure)!

I am still extremely bloated, but not in pain at all. I am not even taking pain meds anymore. I am going to get some tylenol to bring to work with me on Tuesday....just in case!!

I am hoping this bloating is going to go away soon because it is making it really hard to eat/drink my meals. I don't think I'm getting in enough nourishment....

6oz protein shake
1 popsicle
1/2 cup liquified cream of wheat
1 cup of tea
1 cup of juice
1/2 cup broth
2 teaspoons yogurt

Off to watch Amazing Race!!


Robyn said...

It's interesting how perspectives change once you've made a change in your life. I had to laugh at the picture in this post. My husband and I love Shoneys. We live in WA state and they aren't up here but whenever we visit my husband's family down in Lousiana we stop there. I've actually re-created their french toast sticks here at home. Too funny.

Dana said...

sounds like your well on your way! You Go Girl!

Brooke said...

Hey Pookie,

Don't worry about how much food or nutrition you're getting right now- what you listed sounds very "right".

What's happening right now is that the band is constantly telling the head the body is full. So the body is not craving new sources of fuel. Instead, when it needs fuel it draws on existing sources, i.e. your butt. And uses the stored fat there for fuel. So you lose tons of weight and you don't feel hungry.

The important thing is to keep hydration up right now. And your list looked good.

When I see fast food signs I always think, "there but for the grace of god, go I!"

pookie said...

Robyn-I love Shoney's too and the french toast is YUMMMY!
Dana - thanks!! I'm trying!!
Brooke- Glad you think I am eating enough!! I called and was worried about getting enough protein and Dr. Said exactly what you said!

Debi said...

Hey Pookie, I just noticed that you are now following my blog and I wanted to say welcome! :)

I noticed that you are freshly banded so I will definitely be following yours to see how you are doing.

We are just at the point where we can request Surgery approval from my Insurance Company, and I am hoping for a Surgery date sometime in late November. Wish me luck that I get approved immediately! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog---hit upon yours and you had me at the very first post! How interesting your change in perspective...and inspiring.

The Dash! said...

I found your blog from one of my blog buds and what a great one you've written so far. You've done so well to get the surgery and I can see your way of thinking is changing already, even at such an early stage.
Look forward to more posts!!

pookie said...

Thanks Debi, Vi and Cara!!
I am so glad you found me and are able to follow me on this crazy journey!!