Thursday, September 10, 2009


  1. Not be diabetic anymore!
  2. Fit in an airple seat and TRAVEL!!
  3. Wear "normal" clothes!
  4. Run!!
  5. Fit in a booth and not feel like I can't breathe!
  6. Walk without getting winded!
  7. Not sweat!
  8. Have my thighs NOT rub together!
  9. Buy cute necklaces in a normal length without an extender!
  10. Wear sexy HIGH heels!
  11. Wear a bathingsuit.....not a Swimdress!
  12. Have my husband be able to wrap his arms around me!
  13. Wear my seatbelt!
  14. Be able to walk into any room with confidence!!
  15. Fit into rides at amusement parks!
  16. Eat in front of people without feeling like I should be hiding!
  17. Have a baby!!
  18. Not be the "fat chick"
  19. Never be embarased at the GYM again!!
  20. Never let my weight hold me back!
  21. Not have to shop at the "fat chick" stores!
  22. Not feel my stomach on the tops of my thighs!
  23. Feel proud of myself AND how I look!!
  24. Be an AVERAGE size!
  25. Wear cute, sexy, feminine clothes!!

Well, if that laundry list above isn't enough reason to have this surgery...then, I don't know what is!! I am ready and the count down is on!! YAY!!


Gen said...

Love your list! I can identify with so many of these. Great job on your new blog!