Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random happenings from my totally random day!!

Today at the preschool that I am the director of I start my morning off by loudly calling down the hall with parents in ear shot....."Dom did it with a HOE!!"

I am of course answering a question from a teacher about how the garden got tilled! Really? Really?? did I just yell that down the hallway?? Bursts of laughter and of course a bizarre look from Dom and my day was off to a rockin start!!

Next stop on my crazy train...I went to call my Dr. to see if all of my information had been faxed to the hospital for pre-op clearance and's how this went:

Me:Hello this is Robyn .... I am calling to see if everything got faxed to JFK for my surgery next week??
Nurse: Robyn ..... We don't have any records for you here...
Me: are you serious I was in last week and the week before...all bloodwork was done there, EKG...Dr. sent me for chest x-ray
Nurse: NO, I don't see anything...I am looking in the computer
Me: let me spell my name for you
Nurse: no, sorry don't see it
Me: Are you kidding me???...YOU did my EKG last week...remember me...the fat girl..getting lap band in 7 days??
Nurse: Oh, I do kinda remember you
Me: Do you think now you can find my file?
Nurse: Let me get to a computer that's working....
Me: working? the one you were on wasn't working?
Nurse: No, sometimes it gets stuck and can't find people's names...
Me to myself....WTF...if you knew this why the HELL didn't you look in the other computer in the first place!!
Nurse: Oh there it issssss!!!!

Ok now that my BP is high and I was getting ready to loose my mind...I think I need another EKG...LOL!!

All necessary info to hospital and Dr. clearnace sent!! YAY!! Last step is tomorrow for the pysch eval (my hubby says I have no hope there) and then to hospital for pre-registration and payment!

Wish me luck!!


Gen said...

Funny! My DD is in preschool so I could picture the whole thing!

The psych eval is easy (mine was anyway)....Good luck!

pookie said...

It was quite a funny scene!!

Angie said...

Hey funny lady, thanks for the sweet comment. You'll do amazing with the band with your awesome positive attitude... I'm so excited for you!

ThePoolGirl said...

Your lost info reminds me of my conversation with the nurse telling me that my surgery was cancelled. She COULD have called that morning. She waited until evening. So, I got to do an even longer, un-necessary liquid diet. So glad you got "found".

pookie said...

Pool Girl - was interesting too seems they lost me again and "forgot" to send my medical clearance to the hospital for my pre registration which was today....ugh!!
Angie - thanks!! I try to keep a positive attitude. I know I will have some troubles, but I think I can work through them!!