Saturday, September 26, 2009

3 Days Post-op!

Well, I am 3 days out from surgery now! I am feeling pretty good and definitely on the mend!
I am tolertating all liguids really well, but get super full after a few sips. I am only at about 200-400 calories a day (from protein shakes mostly).

I was not expecting a weight gain of 10 lbs after surgery....just an FYI for anyone getting banded!! I am now down 6 from there but still 4 above my pre surgery weight. I am completely bloated and swollen and I think this is making up the water weight gain! I am not stressing about it at all....just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

I am feeling hunger...alot, but a few sips of broth or a popsicle takes care of that right away! And then I feel SUPER full!!

I have been trying to walk, walk, walk....and I have gone out to a couple of stores. I stopped taking my pain meds last night and seem to be doing great without them. Today I am going to see my one of my best firends (Sharon) and hang out with her and the kids for a couple of hours! FUN!!

Today, I spent a couple of hours cleaning out my dressers and closet and said goodbye to lots of clothes!! YAY!! NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN!!

Well, I hope this bloating and swollen feeling goes away soon....anyone have any info on how long this feeling lasts???


Gen said...

Glad to hear you are doing well!

I dropped the most weight, including the water weight, right about 6-7 days after surgery. 15 pounds total. However, I also have only lost another 3 lbs after that first week. (I am almost a month out). Don't worry, the bloat will subside!

stardustic said...

The bloating subsided within the first week after surgery. I did not gain weight but do not worry about it, I am sure you will lose it and then some while being on the liquid diet. I was banded 2 weeks + 1 day ago and lost 16.5 lbs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting me know what you are experiencing post op, it makes me feel like I will know what to expect in 17 days!!

pookie said...

Gen and Star....thatnks for letting me know thee is an end in sight for the bloating!!

Belle-I am glad to be of help!! Reading and reading made me feel really prepared for the surgery and after!

Robyn said...

Congrats on getting the surgery! Sounds like you're recovering well. I was reading through your blog and realized you're a Robyn too, and even spelled with a "y"! I look forward to following your journey and sharing along the way.

Kinzie said...

Pookie, how does it feel to type "out" instead of "until" your surgery! Glad to hear everything went well and you are out and about feeling good. Think of me tomorrow!